Trucks & Trailers: A word for our international guests

sobota, 2 kwietnia 2011

A word for our international guests

This will be a special note addressed for all of you guys who come up from outside of Poland - we have reached a point where we see that our blog is being visited daily by over a hundred of you from all over the world. We are also aware of the fact that most of you somehow cope with the content of the page thanks to those smart net translators. Nevertheless we would like to ask all of you foreigners if you expect from us to make the notes bilingual, so that you have easier time to understand the news? If you think so, please leave a comment under this note and we will see how many people would be willing to see this - at least till the point when the official english SCS website for Trucks & Trailers appears.

Cheers to all of you !

4 komentarze:

  1. Z tego co udało mi się zrozumieć to że chcą prowadzić stronę (scs blog??) w dwóch językach??
    Admini mogli to chociaż częściowo potłumaczyć ;/
    Ale jeśli mieli by pisać po polsku to ja jestem 100% na yes :)

  2. MY YES, greetings from Concepción CHILE!

  3. as for me I'm doing fine with the google instant translator but thanx for caring. rob.

  4. я из Беларуси=) привет всем и удачи=)